3 accommodation formulas

Hospitality is sharing

Because everybody has different needs, Cotacot offers three formulas to adapt to your budget and abilities as a student or young worker

1A free room in exchange for services
Your rent is free in exchange for services and the subscription (for the student) is 800 CHF for 1 semester and 1400 CHF for a year.

2A room for a small rent, and some services
For rent between 200 CHF and 700 CHF, the subscription is 1000 CHF for a year and 600 CHF for 1 semester.

3A rooms for a moderate charge, no services
For rent starting from 700 CHF and upwards the subscription is 700 CHF for 1 year and 400 CHF for 1 semester

To qualify for free rent, you must agree to 8 hours of services per week.  For a small rent in exchange for some services you must give 4 hours.

Whichever formula you choose, registration is free and the subscription is due only once you have found a suitable room.

Information form !

Cotacot provides a trust charter which details the agreement between the host and the student, to ensure honesty and fairness.

L’hébergement donnant-donnant

Winning service

1000 and one ways to offer help

With Cotacot, the help offered can often have a greater value than rent. As a student or young worker, your budget can be limited, but your skill and qualities are rich and varied. They can be very much appreciated by your hosts, depending on their situation and requirements.

    If the host has children, help them with their homework for a few hours a week and enable them to get better grades in a particular subject.
    Do you like to chat and exchange ideas? Take some time to spend a few hours just talking with your host or sharing activities.
    Depending on the season, help your host look after their outdoors, such as picking up leaves or mowing the lawn.
    Spend time a few evenings a week preparing a meal to share.
    If your host is absent, you can offer to take care of the house and look after their pets.
    Share your computer skills with your host and offer your help with on line administrative tasks.
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